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Союзы в английском языке: таблица

Сегодня публикуем полный список союзов в английском языке с примерами и переводом, оформленных в таблицу. Союзы очень важны как для развития письменных навыков, так и для грамотного разговора. Собственно, вот и всё вступление, нажимаем «читать далее».

Союз Перевод Пример
also тоже I live in this house, he also lives here.
and и
You and I are busy.You are busy and I am free.
as как
так как
в качестве
As you know I live in Saint-Petersburg. As he was busy he couldn’t come. As I spoke to him, he was silent. He works as an engineer.
as…. as также …как I am as busy as you are.
as far as насколько As far as I know he is an engineer.
as long as до тех пор пока…. As long as I stay here we’ll often meet.
as soon as как только I’ll ring you as soon as I am free.
as well as (а также) и This book is useful as well as interesting.
because потому что I have come here because I wanted to help you.
because of из-за I was late for the concert because of you.
both…. and как…. так и Both students and teachers were present at the meeting.
but но
He invited me but I was busy. I know all these words but one.
either… or или…. или In the evening I’ll either work at home or at the library.
however однако
как бы ни
He lost his book, but he found it however next day. However busy I may be, I’ll help you.
if если If I see him I’ll speak to him.
in case в случае если What’11 we do in case you don’t come.
in order для того, чтобы I went to the library in order to read this book.
moreover более того It was dark, moreover it was cold.
neither… nor ни… ни We found him neither at home, nor at the library.
nevertheless тем не менее The work was difficult nevertheless we did it.
no matter where куда бы …ни No matter where he goes, he takes coffee with him.
no matter how как бы… ни No matter how he tried, he could do nothing.
no matter when когда бы… ни No matter when I came I always found him at work.
no matter who кто бы… ни No matter who comes it’s a pleasure for me.
no matter what что бы… ни No matter what happens I’ll do it myself.
no matter why почему бы …ни No matter why he was excused by the teachers.
nor также не… He didn’t come at 9 a.m. nor did he came at 10 a.m.
now that теперь, когда Now that we became friends I can tell you everything.
once раз (уже) Once we began this work, we must finish it.
on the contrary наоборот The text isn’t difficult at all, on the contrary it’s very easy
on the other hand с другой стороны The work is difficult, on the other hand it’s very interesting.
or или I’ll go there tomorrow or never.
otherwise иначе We must start now otherwise we might be late.
so… that так, что There were so many people in the hall, that I didn’t find the seat.
so… as так чтобы I came earlier so as to speak to you
not so as не так… как The work wasn’t so easy as I expected.
still все же, все еще The work isn’t difficult still it’ll take a few days.
than чем Moscow is larger than Kiev.
that что то, что He said that he would be at home.That he lives in Moscow was news for me.
that is why вот почему He is ill, that is why he didn’t come.
therefore поэтому I like the film, therefore I saw it many times.
although хотя I enjoyed the walk although the weather was bad.
thus таким образом He solved the problem, thus helped his family.
unless если.., не We go to Moscow unless the parents allow us.
what что I want to know what it is.
whether ли… I want to know whether he works.
while в то время как Some of us will go to Moscow while the others stay at home.
yet однако He made a long speech and yet he didn’t say all the truth.
not yet еще не He hasn’t come yet.
for за (голосуя за…) I’m all for it.
against против (голосуя против…) I’m against it.
like как I want a «T-shirt» like that one.
unlike не так как Unlike many English men he prefers coffee to tea.
with с I’d like to go to the theatre with you.
without без Don’t go outside without umbrella.
within в пределах It’s within 5 minutes walk.
according to… согласно чего-то According to the weather forecast it’s going to rain.
owing to благодаря чему-то, кому-то It’s owing to you that I found this job.
in spite of… несмотря на… The plain managed to land in spite of bad weather.
in terms of… с точки зрения, в смысле Is it necessary to do in terms of business?
on behalf of… от имени I spoke on behalf of our family.
meanwhile тем временем Let’s have tea meanwhile.
from now on… отныне from now on I will do it.
from time to time время от времени From time to time I visit this restaurant.
beyond вне, сверх This woman is beyond comparison.
whereas тогда как, поскольку Whereas I was doing my diploma she studied at school.
at least по крайней мере I’m so hungry, I would eat at least 2 or 3 hamburgers.
at last в конце концов I went to bed at last.
as if, as though как будто бы I felt as if I were there.
on condition при условии, что I would do it on condition you help me.

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