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Тест по английскому языку для уровня intermediate

Любой тест является отличной возможностью проверить полученные знания и мгновенно узнать результат. В рамках данного задания предлагаем обратить внимание на предлоги, фразовые и модальные глаголы, правильность подбора лексики, временные формы глаголов, идиоматические выражения, а также обороты there is, there are. Данный тест подойдет, как начинающим, так и для среднего уровня (intermediate). А вы уже готовы к выполнению нового задания? Тогда вперед! 

1. More and more people around the globe _______ because incomes  ______

2. Scientists _______ that there are ways to prevent mental disease.

3. During the study, each person’s _______ was closely monitored.

4. My car will be ready ______ 2 days that's why I'm planning to visit you ______ Monday morning.

5. I have a reservation ____ the name of Smith.

6. _______ the hotel have a swimming pool?

7. It’s the first time it _______ happened, but it probably ______ be the last.

8. The doorbell ______invented in 1831.

9. Please  ______ you help me with a number of matters?  Of course, I _____ be delighted to help you.

10. Where was he at 9pm? He was _______ dinner.

11. They ______ the concert because the lead singer was sick.

12. She dialed the number then _______without speaking to him.

13. And you must know why this fact _______

14. We’ve ______ sugar. Can you go and get some?

15. There is ___ bank down the road. ____ bank is only open until 2pm.

16. When I'm on the bus I hate to see old ladies ________.

17. Over the past few years, Britain ________ its biggest wave of immigration since 1066.

18. I  _____ to offer you my sincerest congratulations on your recent success.

19. Does anyone really know what _______ in 2016?

20. For young people, the opportunity of  _______ themselves in a country and its culture can be a life-changing experience.

21. Which of these do you NOT need for writing?

22. I’ve been  __________ this moment since Monday morning.

23. How about going ___ a walking tour?

24. What ___ you _____ with these matches kitty?

I _____ a dragon now

25. Whenever the hunter came home, he always gave the house dog a large _______ of what he caught.

26. I _______ at seven o’clock in the morning every day.

27. Please don’t lose  _______ because I’m sure you’ll succeed in the end.

28. I started ________ hungry an hour ago. Now you have 10 minutes to feed me before I lose patience.

29. If it's a genuine picture, it is ______?

30. Seriously, dude! Is ____ a name for what ____ wrong with you?

P.S. Не забудьте поделится ссылкой и своим результатом в социальных сетях! Также вы можете пройти другие тесты по английскому языку.

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